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The Tax Deadline is approaching!

The Tax Deadline is approaching!

It’s that time of the year friends; the dreaded tax season.

The due date for this year has changed to April 18th!

tax survival gifts can help give you or your CPA sprint to the finish line by the 18th!

Here are some simple ideas to help you to the finish line this year:

1.Make a checklist of things that you need before you sit down to start.

2.Turn off cell phones, TV and focus on the task at hand. (It really does save time to do this, especially if you’re easily distracted like me.)

3.Send the kids to grandma’s house!

4.Have a HeavenlyTreats4U Tax Survival gift basket by your side to keep you alert during this stressful time!

5.Once you have it completed, do not wait until the 18th to mail it, get that packet in the mail immediately. (Now you can celebrate!!!)

Here’s some ideas to reduce tax season stress in 2024:

1.Start early & don’t procrastinate!

2.Find a checklist and go line by line to ensure that you have everything needed. We found one that was quite helpful:

“What Documents Do I Need to File Taxes?”

3.Keep up with proper documentation need for taxes. A great idea is to create a folder for safe keeping of receipts and other documents.

4.Plan to grab your TAX SURVIVAL gift basket and place order at HeavenlyTreats4U for you or your wonderful tax advisor!

Breathe deep and be proud you survived another year!