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Always something to Learn

Always something to Learn

There is always something new to learn; there is always room to grow.

As the new school year begins once again, I peer out of my window to watch the children in the neighborhood gather to wait on the big yellow bus. I am amused at the little ones who wear a backpack almost as big as they are and the teens who are trying way too had to be “cool.” It seems like just yesterday my youngest son was among that group, and now he is part of the college scene. I sit here with coffee in hand and reminisce of the many years of homework, science projects and all that was involved as my little one grew and matured with each passing year, but my mind settles on of the little gifts I would send with him for his class and especially his teachers. I had such fun creating them! Realizing the daunting task of having 30 “precious” littles like mine, ALL day, I showered his teacher with gratitude and prayers for sanity! Most of the time it was something I made myself; sometimes it was crafty and mostly it was some deliciousness I created in my kitchen. The gifts were always packaged nicely with a fun or inspirational saying and a pretty bow. As I look back, my creative outlet was twofold. A little thank you goes a long way for the receiver, but what really tickled my heart was the joy it gave my son as the giver. As Joel progressed through the grades and years of showing appreciation to his teachers, I realized that there will always be something new for him to learn, but there is also room to grow in heart…God loves a cheerful giver.

If you do not currently follow this tradition, it’s never too late to start. Just use a little creativity and watch the priceless results! If you need some help just give me a call; I have years of experience and a plethora of ideas! LOL

While we are on the subject of education, I must tell you that I just returned from The National Gift Basket Convention in Phoenix. After being in business for almost 12 years now, I often wonder if there is any more about the gifting business I could learn; not that I claim to be a “know it all” or anything, but you understand, don’t you? LOL

Well, let me tell you…My brain is full and my mind is literally swimming with new concepts and design ideas. There are new trends to consider and programs to make the backside of my business run more efficiently. Should I consider more private labeling and custom printed gift boxes? Why, yes, of course!

There is always something new to learn; there is always room to grow!